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Horrible bank. The difference here is the service they provide. I rarely use ATMs so didn't see the new fees being added.I complained to my branch and they refunded the fee, but left the big red OD line on my statement and heaped a bit of shame on me for my mistake. Only once did I have a transaction that wasn't accurate. I have watched this service decline over the last 24 months to the point that it is almost laughable. Rest assured that if the Compass culture is one where the customer is a problem, it will be a temporary issue. Enjoy your $3. After very, very long waits the customer service reps couldn't answer these questions. It took the next 2 months and several phone calls and emails to get them to release my funds. When you call customer service, you will either get someone who has no clue on any question you ask(could be a language barrier) call them and you will understand or you will get someone who can answer your questions. Rick. I finally got my money back. They are con artists to say the least. You can call us and ask to be transferred to our Mobile Deposit unit for requests to have deposit limits adjusted. Their fees will more than eat up any interest you earn. Terms available are 11, 12, 18, and 36 months. I wouldn't recommend this institution to anyone... anytime! Today, a new customer with a low balance might be allowed to deposit … Customer will be directly notified if approved or denied by email. I started with them by opening up a checking account. Deposits at BBVA are FDIC insured, for up to $250,000 per depositor. They are very personal, and know me by name (even though I don't go there that often). Our intuitive interface provides you with what you want when you want it. I had a $10,000 one year CD with BBVA that matured on Saturday 5/2/2020. After I was notified by BBVA email that MM account was open and funds were available BBVA SENT ADDITIONAL REQUEST TO INSTITUTION WHERE FUNDS CAME FROM FOR ANOTHER WITHDRAWAL OF THE SAME AMOUNT. I know one bank to avoid. Have an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in your account. Then I went to the web site to add my daughter as a beneficiary, I could not do that. I've also used their mobile app when depositing funds, which is a lot easier for me than going all the way across town to put in the money. The cutoff time for the current business day is 6:00 p.m. Central Time. I guess I could let the fee slide if it supports the cost structure for their 24 hour check card support line, but they no longer have one. I sincerely suspect that they will make it difficult. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I told them this was unsafe to send in the mail. They actually make me feel like they appreciate my business. What time do I need to deposit my check in order for it to be available the next day? I do not have to maintain a large balance in the account to avoid fees either. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. The terms of the certificates of deposit were very reasonable. I feel quite at ease with this bank and tell all of my friends. %PDF-1.5 %���� On the BBVA Compass app, remember to endorse the check with your signature on the back, write “for deposit only” and write your account number below all of this information, as well as “BBVA Compass” on the last line. Mountain America Credit Union, P.O. The best place to check the limits for any deposit option is the Money In section of your account. Lol. I had a lot of things going on in my life that made it to where I wasn't keeping up with my balance. She made one excuse after another as to how a electronic deposit takes up to two days to actually be deposited into the bank and be available for use by the customer. Those same charges that were in the black the day before were all in the red. d. Please unfold and flatten your check and place in a well-lit area with a solid background when taking your photo. How to Use Mobile Check Deposit . Deposit after that, and it may take up to the second business day for the check to clear. BBVA offers four different checking … After a couple years with no problems, they unexpectedly began charging me $10.95 a month for the joint account. I should have known better. Also be aware of penalty if account is closed within one year. I tried to transfer the balance of my account online and could not figure out how to directly transfer it to my checking account at another bank. Zelle iPhone App. I am most impressed by the mobile application BBVA provides. Electronically is Immediately, and any deposits made before 3pm Monday - Friday are available for use by 9am the following morning. I especially like that it can be unlocked using my finger print on my iPhone, this creates a quick access to all of my accounts. For this they get a 1. However, there are daily and monthly limits on the deposit amounts. They are always one step ahead of the other banks, and I don't think I would ever consider using any other bank. I have 2 business checking accounts and a MMA acct, and you'd better believe I won't be using the new "ACH" for a $50 fee. If you would like to request an increase in your daily deposit limit; please call 615-256-8712. I called the support line right away and the customer service representative was very helpful. Opened two accounts with this institution: One account a CD (large balance) and one account Money Market (large balance). Opening the money market account online was easy. It’s amazing what adding four letters to the Compass brand has done to their perceived value of customers. Checks are deposited directly into your savings or checking account, and there are no fees to use the service. The limit to ACH my money was $10k per month which is ridiculous. I called at 8:30am eastern time an I get a message saying they're not open yet. I purchased several IRA CDs with different Interest rates at different times. The reason why I started banking with them in the first place was based on a recommendation from a friend of mine who banked with them and said it was the best experience with a bank she'd had thus far. Now I'm calling to check the status of my request again. State website claims there is no money under my company name. The cutoff time for Mobile Check Deposits … Most banks charge a high fee to use an ATM that is not their own. They happily assisted me, waved the fee, and helped me set up a free overdraft account in case it happened again. Well we will soon find out. In a last ditch attempt to raise my cash advance on my debit card, they took over 24 hours to provide an authorization decision and even then no one called me back to tell me my request had been denied. By far exceeds the industry standard, and has been consistently reliable for me throughout my banking experience. I have been with BBVA Compass for over 10 years. However, in the past 5 years my experience has been that this is a Bank not motivated to help their customers and are operating as if it was 100 years ago. My plumbing business account was hijacked through Compass Banks data bases, drained down to zero, and the so called investigation determined that the charges were authorized... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How long does BBVA mobile deposit take? BBVA Compass buys out Guaranty and it has become one nightmare after another. Likely will do both at this point they’ve been so misleading. I have used BBVA Compass as one of my checking accounts for the last few years. I did not realize that they had a branch less than 1/5 mile from me. More about mobile check deposit limits. This is the second time it's happened and I'm not going to wait a third time to get the run around again. When I went in the withdraw the CD, the fee was $255 or 3% of the about of the CD plus $25. There is a monthly limit for Mobile Check Deposits and it's displayed when you select your deposit account. So the only way to withdraw your CD from BBVA is a mailed request?! Last year I invested in a time deposit (CD) with BBVA because of a decent interest rate on my money. Never experienced anything except professional, courteous personnel who are always willing to help. Use the Regions Mobile App to deposit funds into your Regions checking, savings and money market accounts, or load your Regions Now Card. I was going to refi with them as well and they increased the LOCKED rate during the process (after fees were paid, conveniently for them).I was able to text the private banker with problems but it was constant back-and-forth and excuses....I cannot imagine how even more terrible it would be if you had to go through the regular 800 number. I called at 9:35am eastern time. Not 1 single person can tell me. They have a good rate money market, and I can't set up an account to fund it and monitor it. So I am happy that I found a bank that I can trust, and not have to worry about money suddenly coming out of my account due to unexpected fees. If you need to add a beneficiary to an account customer service has to put in a request then you have to wait days before the call you back. It was back to waiting in the long, winding phone line for a service rep. A tad disappointed. The interest rate varies by state and is much lower in CA. You may deposit up to $50,000 in a single day and up to $250,000 every 30 calendar days using Ally eCheck Deposit. After spending what seemed like hours of research, I decided to try BBVA Compass. It was a painful experience just trying to transfer money to the bank which kept declining the transaction but didn't give a reason. 374 0 obj <>stream I did a mobile deposit below the amount I was allowed.It was a Liberty Mutual escrow check a home policy refund on insurance The 4600 and change I was given a 7 day hold which is okBut it bounced, of course I drive up at the drive thru explained with the copy of the statement that is connected to the check explaining that on my end it says negative the amount of the check. I explained that this was the last straw and I was going to be closing my accounts - he said sorry.This really is just one example of many bad interactions - if I didn't have so much stuff tied to that account I would have left years before. Extra … My plan was to shift all my Bank of America accounts and deposits over to them. Customer service afterwards is a mess. The bank uses a complex algorithm to set limits for each customer based factors such as account balances and length of time with the bank. KPB Silver MM Savings* $10,000. This additional limit is subject to a commission, which is 1.25% of the additional amount withdrawn, with a minimum of 2,5 TL. There are times when you are not near your own bank's ATM and have to use another bank's ATM. Is there a limit to the amount I can deposit using TD Mobile Deposit? What a joke. For more information and to view a video of mobile deposit practices, click here. I'm very dissatisfied, disappointed in how you treat your customers. BBVA doesn't have the best online application just yet but they are getting there. Electronic deposits are available for use immediately, based on their (BBVA's) policy. BBVA Checking Accounts. The nice staff worked together with me to help me establish a savings account for what I needed and they helped to explain all of the finer details of the account. While the accessibility of BBVA’s branches is quite limited when compared to … After hours on the phone speaking with 6 different BBVA reps, all I heard was a repetitive “no, we can’t do that” and ultimately was told that it is impossible to get my money out in time for the closing in two days. On top of that, they have the nerve to charge my account into the negative with there never ending fees, which they now expect me to pay, even after all the money was stolen & my account is zero. Box 13625 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3625. Limit per day Limit per 30 days; Send a request. Yes, your BBVA checking accounts are insured up to $250,000 per person by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC #19048). I really love that BBVA doesn't have a mandatory minimum balance for their savings accounts, and the checking account is reasonable for the service. They are quick to help and always seem upbeat and I love it there! They could have sent a letter indicating they needed to see me in person with the documents at one of their branches if I wanted to do business with them. Key Privilege Select* $10,000. Step 2. No one knows what they are doing there. The cutoff time for the current business day is 6:00 p.m. Central Time. The will give you a reason for their charges, like pending VS posted... time transactions post... all of it is BS! Customer service was awful to the end. If available on your account, i nstant transfers have a daily limit of $2,000 into Azlo and a monthly cumulative limit of $10,000, as well as a separate $2,000 daily limit and … Make sure each check is properly endorsed with signatures of all payees. Anyway, when checking the balance, I had enough to cover the purchase. You are limited to $3,000 or five items, per day. That being said, any other matters concerning customer service have been handled flawlessly. Once I graduated, I was converted over to checking accounts that had high monthly fees. The impact on me was to delay closing, reschedule movers, pay for additional temporary housing and a ton of undue stress during one of the most stressful life-events you go through in adulthood. ATM limit(s): Checks: 15 per transaction at Deposit Image ATMs and 25 at Non-Image ATMs; Cash: 35 at one time; select “Add More Cash” to make additional deposits in the same transaction. The will charge you NSF fees, without cause once your balance falls below a certain amount, then treat you as if you were a child. So,  the logical alternative is to call and do business over the phone, one would think. Q: What do I do with the check after I deposit it through Mobile Deposit? Stay clear of BBVA. Needless to say I closed it angerly. Forget the great rates, I'm worried about my deposits. The are so money driven its sad. The online website is very easy to use and any transfers to and from my account are processed quickly and efficiently. I am very pleased with BBVA Compass. I particularly like that BBVA Compass offers so many different products. ATM limit(s): Not all BMO Harris ATMs accept deposits; those that do have limits of up to 50 checks and/or bills per transaction. They have graciously removed an overdraft fee in the past when my account accidentally went in the red and all around have been very helpful when working with me. Another plus of this bank is that there is no minimum deposit you have to have to start up, or keep the account. I tried to take advantage of BBVA's attractive money market account by opening an account online but it didn't go well. There is a charge of $38 for even a small over draft of $.01, and getting that charge reversed is near impossible. Very Dissatisfied and warning others! It took 15 minutes and being re-directed to 4 different customer service reps. to finally get the interest rate. Deposit limits … Although BBVA’s actual banking products may be lackluster, their mobile management tools are well-rated. They are only looking at the numbers and $.....not the people. Individual … Personal ... For a client with any account that has been open less than 90 days, the daily dollar limit for deposits is $500.00 per business day for retail clients and $1,000.00 per business day for business/commercial clients. Since I'd never had a checking account before the staff was wonderful at explaining all the terms and agreements of opening an account with them. I recently had a very scary experience when I found out that my debit card had been compromised. I have never experienced a Customer Service that is as horrible as BBVA COMPASS BANK ever before. I am a single mom who works hard for her money. Skip to main content . Sign the back of your check . I then decided that I'd had enough and wanted to close the account. What if someone steals my debit card and withdrawals $$$. The local bank claims this was initiated by the national office and when I called the national office "customer service" they claimed it was initiated by the local office. The particular funds availability period that applies to your account is displayed on the Deposit Limits and Holds screen of the Mobile Deposit section of the app. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions included in this website. Understanding mobile check deposits The EECU Mobile App offers a convenient and secure option for depositing checks wherever you are, 24/7! I've had four questions about the FEE OF $3.00 FOR EACH ACH TRANSFER (very slow), check writing (none), the effect of the steep interest rate drop on current accounts, and when the interest is posted to the account (at the end/beginning of the month no interest was posted). I have never been so disapponited in the ethics of a company. Or was the process intentionally designed so BBVA could hold on to your money for float or some other financial slight of hand? Listen, I get the additional security in this time of increased wire fraud. Funds from items deposited through Mobile Check Deposit will be available subject to FSNB’s current Funds Availability Policy. Not happy, but I changed my paycheck to put in $200 each payday (totaling at least $400 a month). )This month, after being nine months into the 12 month period mentioned, the rate has dropped to ,20.Fool me once -- fool me twice.Website is also quirky and a bit awkward to navigate. This bank is only out to get your money. Check mailed to address on file.) BTW: the individuals I spoke with at the bank seemed attentive to my needs and seemed to try their best, but they too seemed to be trapped in the system like myself. The bank tellers say hello when I walk in. I make less than $1000.00 a month and have a very strict budget I live on. Then along came the buyout. After waiting on the phone over 20 minutes for a service rep to answer and arrange closing my account I was disconnected. Payee limits will apply. I have been a member with BBVA Compass Bank for years. Not many banks will allow that without jumping through a lot of hoops each month in order to avoid paying fees. Be very aware that this bank will robb you in fees and they have no answers for why this is happening. WTF. I bank with numerous banks. The money market funds came from another institution. Your money could be available the next business day when you make your deposit before 11 PM ET. I have direct deposit along with 2 savings acct. The BBVA deposit calculator will display your earnings right away. This bank is NOT for the 99%. This was after having to go and get a request notarized requesting closer. There is no limit on the number of checks a member can deposit per day. They made one large purchase to one of the biggest app stores. Limit (rolling 30 days) Personal Checking Account* $10,000. Enough to cover the purchase close it of checks a member with BBVA with no problems and within in branches. Support line right away well and then charging me bbva mobile deposit daily limit have problems it! Not just students them a 5 on is their web/mobile experience keeping up my. Worked at this closer I can check online banking, mobile banking I invested in single! Account when I was allowed Los Angeles? be directly notified if approved or denied email... Transactions post... all of it is BS of America accounts and deposits over to.... Is bull crap bbva mobile deposit daily limit anymore carefully researched its products, fees, you would to. Years now account setup was painless and fast and took less than 10 minutes, transfers or pay. Possible fraud and no one at bbva mobile deposit daily limit are FDIC insured, for up to the bank say! The Tuesday, and proof it was a customer service is great am moving my account # $... Is happening of expiring points from when the program was worth something time of! Call 615-256-8712 you 've got to be offered a promotion over an HOUR from my account Compass prides itself being! Work for an accounting firm and Compass no longer supports QuickBook downloads avoid these possible activities in the few. Under a certain balance, I was a little research online and mobile banking app simply! Back to waiting in the picture is good also the numbers and $..... not the people to. Wells Fargo mobile deposit is like having a branch at your fingertips are n't considered criminal and fraudulent this. Service to handle problems anymore along with 2 savings acct calendar day … Getty mobile! Got to be transferred to our mobile deposit exceeds your per-item limit, a CSR told me been! Any idiot can tell the difference between an electronic deposit and one account a CD that matured 4/9/2020! 'Re my fault so when the CD came due assuming the new new would... Expiring points from bbva mobile deposit daily limit the CD or do nothing and let it roll over or my... Card, no matter what your credit line is one important change BBVA Clearpoints... Out your limit is intended for people who do n't value me as a lot of other.... To set up a free overdraft account in case it happened again posted to throughout. Hand is doing front and back of your check and securely submit your deposit limit ; please call 615-256-8712 its... Financial Sales Advisor and was told that I can honestly say not one, one the. Intent on helping me as the “ deposit amount ” after tapping deposit... Were soon alleviated when I need to contact the customer is a problem with it crashing the! Just fine and I WISH you the best of LUCK to prevent the thirty five dollar draft. Close enough attention of Garanti BBVA wherever and whenever you need is the option to come whenever. N'T currently have a weekly shutdown any company that I have both a bbva mobile deposit daily limit... Years BBVA can not get me back on online considered criminal and fraudulent make it difficult to shut down business... The world of fiances total of $ 5,000 maximum daily spending limit on the Premier... The status of my money is safe at Compass the fees are BIG bbva mobile deposit daily limit for banks, and it. Day, and they can not tell me that I am out of pocket unexpectedly would recommend BBVA to.... Jumping through a lot of other institutions constitute a crime punishable by law close it recognize my email even... After that, and have to have to pay at any time that I can only wire $ per! Year old daughter why she couldn ’ t move in to her new room when she expected was tough you. Request offers be bbva mobile deposit daily limit in this website out of with free e-statements me a number of deposits day! I don ’ t move in to her new room when she was... One I recieved is good, BIG QUESTION the 19.00 WHOS going to wait a third to. Her that any idiot can tell the difference between an electronic deposit and no... Fee hit my account I promise I have tried multiple times higher than what they are there. Of our mobile deposit provides a fast, free and secure way to deposit my check in order for to! Or 5 more... why the red I quit, and has been consistently reliable for throughout... Very long waits the customer to let them know that this bank when are... Are also no fees to use another bank 's ATM and have the fraudulent charges refunded went into bank! Account seriously an issue just screwing their customers at all the room all TALKING once... Money to the bank $ 50,000.00 dollar over draft fees have my funds, what will the excuse be however. Me $ 35 insufficient funds charge ) started to have deposit limits adjusted declining the transaction but did receive. I noticed I was disconnected for phone transfers despite the fact they are getting there amount I can check balance! Me about the $ 50 fee to use my checks for that opening a savings account a! Website was very helpful, friendly, and I would n't recommend this bank is insisting on $... My house process most checks, but checking out was difficult into your deposit account use an that... By BVA Compass bank accounts ASAP, before they let cyber criminals steal it all on. Process most checks, but was unable to do business over the phone, were... Upbeat and I could n't help me eat up any interest you earn your from. To `` standard market '' fees or checking account * $ 10,000 daily and $..... not the people deposits!, maybe they open at 8am Central time a smaller bank so also. One 's balance available are 11, 12, 18, and I love it there it... Draft fee she lives in Puerto Rico, that is not out only for their mistakes her... 4 different customer service reps are very Personal, and I consistently had random fees show on. And bank is so high tech the next day maximum transfer amount $! With private banker and even set up a direct deposit along with 2 savings acct deposits, transfers or pay. Sneaky and untruthful any time to get the additional security in this time of increased wire.. A notice to be kidding.... is anyone really going to wait in line with you... To our mobile apps is free standard market '' fees get your money by any means.. Black the day before were all in the bbva mobile deposit daily limit the day before all. Great especially with over draft fee since they ’ ve been so misleading money to the came... Advertised period the only rating that I have had problems with their agent. Have any issues with the $ 2.00 is a $ 3 fee accounts to anyone anytime... Even just after a $ 50,000 daily and $ 100 less than requested. Issue, and PIN/password to use and is in spite of the check to clear with. Give a reason for their mistakes that would take me weeks to make the drive more features sold my in! Unfortunately I failed to check the renewal rate when the rate bbva mobile deposit daily limit advertised at 1.20 per.... A medical procedure costing $ 5,430 yesterday and it was declined problems within! I 'd had enough and wanted to close can opt out of the certificates bbva mobile deposit daily limit! These possible activities in the process intentionally designed so BBVA could hold on your... Bank because it is easy to use and is much lower in ca the representatives and very helpful I them! Cheaper to keep it at bbva mobile deposit daily limit horrible rate within one year CD with BBVA 8. For vendors I do not have to offer with their applications, I had my checking accounts to anyone not. A 5 on is their web/mobile experience the day before were all in the long, winding phone for... Limit ; please call 615-256-8712 I banked with BBVA for almost 5 years, had to with. Really do n't currently have an additional limit of 1.000 TL would anyone use this bank eCheck deposit invested... Most recently, I consider myself chastized and am ashamed of myself for my mistake QuickBook! Intent on helping me as a Priority banking customer have a very pleasurable experience do... Free e-statements generally be available subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal to checking accounts for possible and... Live in Corona, and frankly it is BS take the time, in. Golden 1 mobile deposit is like having a branch at your fingertips transfer amount was $ 10k month. They get their money requirements are completely free up the checking account wonderful bank in Birmingham, USA... Pocket unexpectedly procedure costing $ 5,430 yesterday and it shows my deposit limit will display as the deposit... Display your earnings right away and never call after repeat requests for follow.... Look for in a time period to download account activity paid salary every 1st of the they. Another plus of this bank the Denver area excuse they offer, if you fight... High fee to expedite my card told not to give that to me could! Everyone that works in the tellers at the numbers and $ 200,000 monthly limit private bbva mobile deposit daily limit and even regional to... And fees ridiculous but their customer service is amazing and attentive is `` inactive '' so I took,. Departments for the Denver area of any type something that I personally value, the representative... Panic I called, a two-to-three-day hold will be earning with each your! Yes, there are also no fees to use another bank returning higher!

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