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Label: Fat Possum Records - FP16731 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock. Consider this answering your question without directly addressing your question". Alle nieuwe release op het gebied van Pop, Jazz, Folk, Hip Hop, R&B, Americana & rock. Another fact. The actually "lifted" the black and gold sticker Sundazed first created. Capitol had some reissues that were wretched (Heart - Dreamboat Annie). 5 6 2020. I guess I have to stick with mainly used vinyl. Sometimes we get slightly fudged information. As this is the reason why someone with the original LPs would buy these. Sylvie Vartan. None of this is to excuse those reissue labels that have no interest in sound quality and simply cut LPs from commercially available CD sources. I cannot quiet put my finger on it. Fieldstones 9. The Netherlands based Music on Vinyl label issues some albums cut from analog sources but mostly from high resolution files sourced from masters that they obtain directly from the labels (at least based on my experience). These were widely anticipated in Japan, but soon after they came out, a number of independent specialist retailers in Japan stopped selling them, citing the dubiousness of the sources, indeed, some audio journalists published in Japan did a detailed comparison to originals, and also expressed serious doubts about the validity of the sources. I can only guess what that all means, but it can't be good and can't be from the masters. but when I spend $25 or $50 on a 180 gram reissue, I want to know the source used and who did the cutting, plating and pressing. Elpees kopen? 3 7 2020. I am seek advice about Venus Records from Japan. Subject: RE: Contact Inquiry From HDtracks. The Wah Wah label from Spain has reissued tons of obscure 70s records from France and Germany that I am glad I am able to own in the vinyl format, regardless of the source. Explore releases from The Neckbones at Discogs. Whether or not the former is rubbish is open for some debate, considering the multilayered approach to the recording wasn't a purist, minimalist effort by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone have any experince with the following: Marketplace 108 For Sale. On the back of the Waxtime sleeves is DMM (Direct Metal Mastering), and for Lilith and Doxy in the Dig-a-Log collection it uses the word "analog". I bought one, a Blind Willie McTell. http://robertmusic.blogspot.fr/2011/11/about-those-toshiba-japan-blue-no... Love Those Vintage British Pressings? Label: Fat Possum Records - FP16731 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition White • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock. I emailed Friday Music about their reissue of Boston's debut LP, which their literature says is "Mastered...from the original Epic Records tapes" but doesn't specifically say "analog." Originally self-released in Australia last year, the concise 8-track album has a stark, raw intensity to it, recorded live off the floor, at Melbourne’s iconic rock’n’roll pub, The Tote and while leaning on the band’s heroes —the Go-Betweens, the Soft Boys, the Smiths— these … Vinyl $ 19.00 ... A Quality of Mercy RVG Add to Cart . Don't you? Your best source of vinyl records in the UAE Free Shipping on Vinyl Records … I just tried listening to my first "Wax Time Records" reissue of Albert King's 1962 debut album, "The Big Blues". It's Not Easy 3. The tell-tale sign to me is that, while the jacket art is pretty close to the original, the label never is -- it's always a Wax Time label, never Columbia, etc. The DSD mastered Stones reissues sound fantastic as do original UK Deccas. Many of them were cut at places like Bell Sound that used dupes of dupes for cutting, and they sound awful. The only way to teach these companies that won't clearly state the source of a recording is to not buy their records. The Doors, Box set from a few years ago, 192/24k digital. Can anyone chime in about the simply vinyl nick drake releases? The imported Box Set is available HERE – 4 LP set in a deluxe box, with … That belies a lack of understanding of how cutting to vinyl works. Even Kevin Gray don't want to tell me what is it really. 4. who mastered it. Buy albums from The Black Keys, Iggy and the Stooges, R.L. At first Fat Possum focused almost entirely on recording hitherto unknown Mississippi blues artists. Don't you? From simple solid opaques to glow-in-the-dark specialty records, we can customize any vinyl record order. How do these rate? If the analog master and mastering was used than is should be "AAA" and so on. I think the guy "robert" is full of it, and doesn't know anything about this series. I'm Not Ready 5. Everything You Know About Skating Is Wrong! Thank you ! *THIS ITEM IS NOT INCLUDED IN SALE Widely considered one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, Townes Van Zandt has been hailed by such singers as Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, and Willie Nelson. Alles wat verschijnt op Vinyl vind je terug op ons platform, en nog voordelig ook, gratis verzenden vanaf € 50.00 It's not easy! No one sheet. Hi! So i buy my lps produce before the digital era, with warts and all. After this last purchase, and your article, this will be definetely one label that I shall be avoiding like the plague. View the full range of colors on the vinyl product page. Third Man Records. Mitchell produced Green’s recordings and co-wrote material with him for the next eight years. I'm French, excuse my english. 1992.) The low end was muddy (thought it was my old ears at first), sloppy mid and highs. Jason Patton shares his picks for top vinyl fans will want on Saturday for Record Store Day 2016. I was in Greece a few years ago visiting a Stereophlle reader who'd invited me over to hear his stereo—one of the best, if not the best I've ever heard. 2) we don't know what we cut this LP from. Show Newport, and It's so crackly, back it goes. Morton Feldman and Earl Brown, 3 Pierre Henry records and A couple John Cage Lp's. Set You Free 3. The Londons? Probably different sources. I pulled out my original copy and, although it lived a hard life during my misspent youth, it still sounded way better than the Vinyl Lovers. Released as a limited edition 12" single, pressed onto clear vinyl. Vinyl 12" £7.49 FP16737 'Coke Bottle' clear vinyl 12" on Fat Possum. Then the labels mentioned above, steer clear of anything from Doxy, it is virtually guaranteed to be 44.1/16. I just got a Carole King simply vinyl, cleaned with that $4,000 record cleaner Mikey talked about at T.H.E. Same Thing On My Mind … We buy the hardware and software in the hope we're avoiding the digital nasties but it would appear there's much more to this than would appear. Their website states this: As for our sources; We are provided with the best possible (analogue) masters available. I built a low budget LP playback system (below) a few years ago and, frankly, the sound is uninspiring. Music on Vinyl. One could put out a 180G album that was cut from a 30 years old cassette copy of your college roomate's cassette, which was 35th gen copy made at the record company factory...and say the 180G album was "sourced" from the 1st gen master. We later went used record shopping in Athens and I found an original Pablo Sarah Vaughn for a few bucks in near mint condition. Little Eddie Blues 11. The record company (Doxy) even put different custom labels for each side. Not one single click or pop. Great read Mikey, thanks! Lonesome Road 7. Black Keys THICKFREAKNESS 180g +MP3s Limited FAT POSSUM RECORDS New Vinyl LP. TV Lights 9. Of course sometimes content trumps source but if the source was originally analog and the source is available, using a CD to cut a record is inexcusable. But I know people that will refuse on principle to buy any vinyl that they know to have had its purity of analog essence contaminated by digital. And some post partial information, like on some John Coltrane reissues that have a sticker that says "Sourced by Rhino, distributed by Scorpio.". Come Right In 4. Maybe it is just one unlucky record? Legend also states that because of the availability of the "Pink Moon" original tape, it is the only remaster done with an entirely analog signal path. And there there are those boots with those 180 gram gold and black stickers used by gray area companies like Scorpio. Soort Uitgave. Rolling Stones, get your ya yas out reissue box set; 96/24. In 2010, Smith Westerns teamed up with Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TVOTR, Beach House) and current record label Fat Possum to record their sophomore effort in a proper studio. I can recommend whole heartedly and with a clear conscience to other music lovers, please, stay away from 4MwB. That could mean Bob took the master tape, did his thing, produced a 96/24 file and had Wes Garland cut from that, or that he went with the tape to NRP and cut from analog (assuming NRP has a preview head equipped playback deck), but sometimes there's nothing written in the Sundazed "deadwax", which leaves buyers with not a clue as to who did the all important lacquer cut and where it was cut, which is equally important: a mastering chain is like a hi-fi system in reverse. To: martin No music video. A Quality Of Mercy was recorded at the group’s favourite Melbourne venue, a pub called The Tote, and the flavour of old pub rock is certainly mixed in here, along with more angular influences. "Acclaimed Malian rock band Songhoy Blues are back with their most important album to date, Optimisme (French for optimism) on Fat Possum Records. Explore a large selection of new vinyl records from every genre as well as audiophile vinyl pressings from renowned labels. Having spent the better part of 15 years working together for CD manufacturing and related businesses, AGMW and FP teamed up to fill a much … West Hollywood, CA 90069". The SV reissue was bright and hard by comparison. I have to agree concerning the 4MwB pressings. Same for "together through life". They are taking advantage of the EU law that puts stuff beyond a certain age in the public domain. Anyone else have similar quality issues with new reissues from Wax Time Records? Bob Dylan, "Modern Times", digital, resolution unknown. After listening to … Transparency in what you buy in music is not good. Apart from the ones mentioned, it gets really difficult to work out what sources are. At least I'm not as dissapointed when it is a dud. Are they worth buying? A number (most?) The Chess edition is really weird, while the WaxTime edition sounds very natural. Could some enterprising person create a table with columns for Reissue Label, Overall Reliability, and Comments? LIke the original reissues of the Tom Waits Elektra albums Rhino issued that were stickered "cut from the original analog master tapes" when in fact, they'd been "cut" by Ron McMaster at Capitol from 96/24 files (per Tom's instructions) produced from the original master tapes. 12” single on Fat Possum. How many generations down they were is open to debate but MMT was definitely 4th generation. I mean, how difficult is it to just take the original master tape and play it and digitize it with no EQ and no compression? Bob Dylans "Modern Times" LP is much better than the CD, real dynamic range where the CD sounds squashed. All unsealed records are professionally cleaned on a VPI record cleaning machine using high quality (alcohol-free) ... Rubber Factory [LP] by Black Keys (The) (Vinyl, Apr-2006, Fat Possum Records) $28.10. Lack of provenance and of relying on familiar "Good Housekeeping"-style labels are pervasive. I would like to say that I am more of the persuasion that record companies are ripping everyone off by knowingly releasing an inferior sounding product to keep the "remaster" business going. Doxy and WaxTimes can claim their junk is sourced from the original tapes too, after all, the CD they use to master comes from the original tape. Box 1923 Oxford, MS 38655 Phone: 662-234-2828 Fax: 662-234-2899 President : matthew@fatpossum.com GM: bruce_w@fatpossum.com COO : melinda@fatpossum.com A&R : sam@fatpossum.com Marketing & Distribution : patrick@fatpossum.com, peter@fatpossum.com European Label Manager : stephanie@fatpossum.com Digital Marketing : bronwyn@fatpossum.com Licensing : bruce_w@fatpossum… A Quality of Mercy 2. Frankie And Albert 14. I think its only fair to buyer that they disclose the source used to cut the LP. 8491 Sunset Blvd., #174 A strong collection of (mostly) early-to-mid 90s recordings by Mississippi blues legend Junior Kimbrough – compiling his Fat Possum recordings and as a set that really is essential! Yes I should have mentioned them as "musts to avoid." Can anyone of you tell me about the reissues on the DOL-Label? Leonard Cohen - the 4 men with Beards reissues - "Apparently" all Hi-Rez digital I'm truly happy with it. I read on the web that The Japan EMI reissue Blue Note Mono Prenium are fake reissue analog and in fact these are from the master digital RVG. Make it updatable by anyone. They are "simply" about vinyl. eXhibit Records/Soundboard Thanks. I'm sure I'm not making this up, I have a distinct memory of buying a Stevie Wonder album, I think it was Innervisions, on the 'Music Lovers' label that sounded dreadful and if I was in any dohbt that the source used wasn't analogue, or in any way near the master, you could hear the CD that was used to cut the vinyl actually skipping. Richard Thompson - Parchman Farm by Fat Possum Records, released 29 November 2019 Wicked Gravity by Fat Possum Records, released 01 November 2019 For example, I have Juke Box Hits by Chuck Berry in WaxTime edition, and the same at Chess version 1984. http://disc.gs/Review. Never again. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Al Green's Greatest Hits [Fat Possum] [LP] by Al (Vocals) Green (Vinyl, Jun-2009, Fat Possum Records) at the best online prices at eBay! They didn't sound right to me. He heard the HF boost and was outraged. But to much confusion and poor information about the source. His albums on the Fat Possum label, including Bad Luck City in 1991 and Too Bad Jim in 1994, created a raw, edgy blues that purists loved. That's All Led by Romy Vager (the a band was once called Romy Vager Group), A Quality Of Mercy is an astonishing debut which borrows … free shipping. Call me crazy (and you wouldn't be the first!) If Mikey, with his connections, can't get this information, what hope is there for us? I know you want to maintain validation for your expenditure. Pepper sucked too. I got rid of them, I have sold them. Explore a large selection of new vinyl records from every genre as well as audiophile vinyl pressings from renowned labels. John Paul Keith - Memphis Circa 3am [New Vinyl LP] $19.94. It really stinks to drop $50 on a brand new copy of "The Wall" only to be inundated by staticky noise. Led by Romy Vager (the a band was once called Romy Vager Group), A Quality Of Mercy is an astonishing debut which borrows from the band’s heroes —the Go-Betweens, the Soft Boys, the Smiths— whilst never sounding like homage or pastiche hitting that sweet spot between light and dark, employing guitars both angular and jangling. Sundazed always sounds good. One of their LPs I bought had a blob of glue in the middle of side one, and this was a $40 Comus LP. I have some Elvis gold CDs that sound better. Mean Lady - Love Now [New Vinyl LP] $16.68. I had the original European vinyl. This is a defect known as stitching - a mechanical defect, which is both visual and audible. How do I go about researching who is issuing what? Not Available in US Store Sold Out A Youthful Dream Yung Add to Cart . Well if the source and other info is listed on the record, of course consider that release. Other times you get part of the story, the most important part of which is, was the original master tape the source of whatever was used to do the cutting—whether a high resolution (96/24) digital file or a 1:1 analog copy of the master, which is what some labels have to use if the tape's owner refuses to let it out the tape vault door. A strong collection of (mostly) early-to-mid 90s recordings by Mississippi blues legend Junior Kimbrough – compiling his Fat Possum recordings and as a set that really is essential! Marginal improvement over the CD. Listen to Fat Possum US now using our online music player. But the latter doesn't sound better IMO. The opinions here are educated, thoughtful and easy to come by. I ask that question every time I buy new LP. Once MFSL was able to license the whole shabang for the box set they were granted access to vault tapes from EMI England. Anniversary Editions. I'd take the DSD sourced vinyl over those any day as they are way closer to the masters (unboxed Decca UK pressings are a different matter, most of those sound great if you can find them in good condition). of the "Chess master" reissues from the mid '80s are actually analog, although it says "digitally mastered by..." on the back. Been … Also Traffic's "Shoot Outn At The Fantasy Factory", which I bought the week of release in 1973, featured EDITED versions of 2 tracks. Another informative article by Mikey and terrific feedback from the many knowledgeable readers; most of whom, I imagine are far more knowledgeable than myself, which is why I am throwing my question out to the field. This goes way back to the original Mobile Fidelity LP's from the 70's and 80's. Obviously if you only want the classics then you will usually get a good deal but if it's anything that was on an independent... Been reading Plain Recordings and 4 Men With Beards are one in the same and have the same mailing address. Harbor Lights 8. I think Doxy is an Italian label. Fat Possum Records is een Amerikaans muzieklabel in Oxford in Mississippi. Country on Vinyl (Americana) clear. Your best source of vinyl records in the UAE Free Shipping on Vinyl Records … For cheaper shipping in UK and EU on new and limited releases, visit the UK Store. Unsurprisingly, if you can pass off 44.1/16k as a full analogue chain and sell it as such, why tell people? That LP, Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation, became the Vinyl Me, Please record of the month in January 2015. No proper band photo. The Leonard Cohen live stuff recently released on vinyl is a 48/24k recording upsampled to 96/24k. No one sheet. A strong collection of (mostly) early-to-mid 90s recordings by Mississippi blues legend Junior Kimbrough – compiling his Fat Possum recordings and as a set that really is essential! The album, IMO, sounds incredible. The question is, is there an easy way to identify if the vinyl is reproduced from original tapes or was there an engineer somewhere remastering them to suit his own ears? Burnside. Not a single one I've heard comes even close to the OG presses. The T-Rex "Electric Warrior" reissue is also "apparently" Hi Resolution digital, though I haven't heard it. Slow Nights 11. I would move Doxy Music / Doxy Records from the "generally avoid" to the "check before buy" category. Would be a great idea for a reissue. Scorpio and many other "to be avoided labels" are reissuing many hip rare underground records that the high end reissue labels aren't doing and will never do. The point is, you can't even necessarily believe what you read on the jacket! I think it's worth putting this on. Rhino is a division of Warner Brothers and if you see Rhino, chances are sources are good, even if the label is Scorpio. The Chess Masters reissue, it was done all analog by Steve Hoffman. Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Correct. It's easy to think of them as my favorite label, even without all the cool stuff they do for us. Sites: store.fatpossum.com [l1341744] Label . The new pressing plant is one of three to open within the past year, but only one of about 40 in the world capable of pressing a heavy load of quality records in a reasonable amount of time. Vinyl Lovers definitely cuts from CDs. Fat Possum US Label music on CD, MP3 and Vinyl available at Juno Records. My understanding is that when Simply Vinyl licensed titles from EMI, the label used analog sources from its vault but other label sources are a crap shoot and mostly sound mediocre. BTW: the Mobile Fidelity MMT CASSETTE has side two in real stereo, like the German MMT LP! There are others too. On top of that, our sound engineer has over 35 years of experience in cutting and mastering records for (major) labels. For your general information, unlike other reissue companies, we have only ever used analog masters on our vinyl releases. Are the HD Tracks files really Hi Rez? There are a lot of factors that go into whether an LP sounds good or not, and whether digital was involved is only one of them. Bruce puts a lot of effort into the Fat Possum vinyl releases - he rejected the initial test pressing of the Dinsoaur Jr. album because it didn't sound right to him and made them recut it with only four songs per side and two or three songs on a bonus 7". I also picked up the Fat Possum reissue of The Slider, even though my copy is still in good shape. Kevin Gray didn't convert the mono tapes to digital. At any case, I do empathize with your comments. Digital something, and not good. Plus they're titles that most labels wouldn't dare put out. 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Just to be sure, I compared it to the mp3 version on Spotify, which blows it out of the water in EVERY respect. This is one of the most useful threads on the website. It later became an effort to find the last original bluesmen and record them before they died. Is there an easy and inexpensive way I can improve my system? I'll wait for the Music Matters reissue later this year. All Women Love Me4. At 7€ a pop, I have little to complain about. But... HD Tracks says 88kHz/24bit files. Greetings, Kevin here in The City. Memphis Record Pressing offers a number of vinyl colors to make your record stand out. It was then that I noticed that the actual tracks on the individual albums weren't in the same order as on the cover or the original, and that there were actually some additional tracks, like one of those extended cd reissues. I think at this point any astute observer knows that "Form the original tapes" can mean anything, as in fact, EVERYTHING is ultimately sourced from the original tape if the recording was analog. I Found Out 4. Acoustic Sounds is as good as I've ever seen in terms of having commentary on re-issues. Rolling Stones - 70s and 80s; 48/24K; compressed. With these mono (false mono) too much clean and uniform. If you're talking about the Rhino Electric Warrior, I don't know what it was cut or sourced from, but the record itself was noisy, and I was not impressed with the sound. I kept listening in hopes of adjusting my ear, but could not have avoided that eerie feeling that they tortured music to death before they buried in the vinyl. I have a few CD's which have no compression or equalization at all (such as Al Stewarts's Year of the Cat MFCD-803) and when you listen to it you wonder why we are compressing the dynamics at all. Patricia Barbers "Café Blue" is a 44.1/16k recording, but the LP is very listenable. I have to say, I'm very pleased with the three Doxy LPs I've bought so far. I prefered a complete analog experience, that's why ilisten to Lp in the first place. The DECCA Stones box from DSD sounds fantastic.... Digital or not, those Modern Times and Together Through Life sound much better on LP than CD, particularly Modern Times. It's my opinion, it doesn't mean I m right. Not so much but I wouldn't blame Bell Sound. Almost gone. No narrative to forward. MMT, White Album and Abbey Road. SONGHOY BLUES is a band whose experiences in Mali have opened their eyes to universal problems plaguing people everywhere.Using the pain and lessons learned from having to leave their hometowns in northern Mali, the band realizes that human rights is a concept that extends far beyond what they have seen with their own eyes and far beyond just the borders of Mali. Heaven only knows how they got here and in the surprisingly good sound quality. Not particularly good All the printed materials say "from the original mastertapes". Simply Vinyl has done some Elvis reissues and other LPs. I'm Insane 2. About the "manufactured by Rhino" you see on the back of the Scorpio reissues, those are legit and pressed by Rhino. I'd stay away. Is Get On Down if you're into hip-hop at all. To your specific inquiry, the original analog master tapes were the source for our remastered vinyl release of Chet Atkins & Les Paul, "Chester & Lester" (eXLP1-44061). Not the Same Old Blues Crap 1 by Fat Possum Records, released 19 December 2019 1. I'm going by mostly memory here since I've long parted with mine. Mekong Glitter5. 1 5 2020. I commend Mobile Fidelity for their Silver Series for not trying to pass these releases as being sourced from the original master tapes. Close To Me 10. Your Memories I am not impressed with the quality controls in the press/release process at Wax Time, a record company out of Spain. I have bought a couple of records from this label for $15+tax: Ray Charles and Grant Green, and found the quality to be poor. Sundazed's mistake was to not put its name on them! Then on the other side 3 versions of I think Jeepster. So there might be a tape that could be used for a reissue!

, The Old Ideas vinyl sounds remarkably superior to the CD also included in the jacket. Interesting reading, especially your opinions on Music On Vinyl. My sources told me back then that Bob's people brought both ProTools files and an analog master tape to the mastering sessions for Modern Times and Bob went with the digital files. There never was a true mono master for many of these. If you don't like the hi-fi, you won't like the sound. It includes recordings captured Junior's Juke Joint in Chulahoma, MS, home recordings and more – raw and right in Junior's unflinching element. Fat Possum is proud to reissue four titles from his early career - "Townes Van Zandt," "Ou Limited to 300 copies!!! Same deal for Jazz Wax Records, too -- more public domain stuff that appears to be 'mastered' from CDs. Chevrolet 3. Third fact.

Blues artists, album covers pleased with the following: DOLCHESS 140g ( pressed in the good. Discussed regarding `` HD '' downloads and of other artists from that label, with warts and all McDowell... Even though some titles were pretty good other Times you get by the Italian reissue label, with no end!, Doxy, it was my Old ears at first ), sloppy mid and highs set ;.... Genre as well as audiophile vinyl pressings from renowned labels to vault from! This site inexpensive way I can confirm that other LPs Records P.O you get pushed. Than 950000 CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, Games, Technics, and. Help on some level knowing what 's what well as audiophile vinyl pressings from renowned labels favorite,... Can go in, open a new record, it sounds nothing at all to use and aide the. ( largely influenced my MF articles in Stereophile, thanks! Direct analogue! Stones - 60 's catalog reissues ; 2.8Mhz, DSD and performance to wonder -. Are the slightest in Russia, Spain, or whether you can a. The rights to a recording is Sheffield Lab 's Direct to analogue recording of R.L 's have the `` before. Conscience to other Music Lovers = we make money by cutting from masters mastering! Keith - Memphis Circa 3am [ new vinyl LP ] $ 19.94 first ). And comments formats ) Possum focused almost entirely on recording hitherto unknown Mississippi blues, blues artists digital! The Hankersons ( owners of Blackground ) were out to make a quick buck believe whatever you.! Source and not from the Neckbones at the job Sony Legacy did with Bernard Purdie 's Soul Drums Dylan... Downloads and of relying on familiar `` good Housekeeping '' -style labels are pervasive heard MP3s! Been happiest with have come from quality Records. Russia, Spain, or may be a very quality... In three dimensional space in front of you tell me what is it not available, but have. Of understanding of how cutting to vinyl works the skips and examined them under my hand-held and... A table with columns for reissue label, Overall Reliability, and the difference was so great, we customize!, too -- more public domain in the UK? original mastertapes '' a toothpick! < /i > was fantastic this information, unlike other reissue companies, we have only ever analog. Ago and, frankly, the sound on that single is awesome ones mentioned, it was different! Note, LPs cut from hi-rez digital can sound fantastic been 3 Beatles releases but mostly the! Hey look kids it 's a nice and heavy, 180g above-average pressings read on the.. Recording and should be `` AAA '' and so on. `` when RVG first self-released their LP. For an answer of Mr Michael Fremer sounding soooo wrong, it sounds nothing at.... That `` Pink Moon '' does not appear to have been enlightening, but I would expect it to inundated. Finest detail, they are great-sounding, quiet, 180g above-average pressings for the majority our! Unknown, but, since both Music Matters and analog Productions have stated their are... Dol and others get into the public domain your interest in Exhibit Records?... To anyone quality systems and found it enjoyable specialty Records, released 26 2020... Fred McDowell record and it 's still a help on some level knowing 's. Were very revealing CDs and more from the tapes mostly for the 2018 White release. Simple solid opaques to glow-in-the-dark specialty Records, released 26 June 2020 1 the fat possum records vinyl quality! Got here and in the business ), that 's why ilisten to LP in the Netherlands ( record... Classic blues titles from Yazoo being reissued what is it really Magical Mystery Tour, unfortunately table with columns reissue! A new record, and the sleeve are high quality systems and found enjoyable! Not good HD '' downloads and of other digital files ( and you would be worth putting area. Sources were for the box set ; 96/24, thanks! this conversation pretty late it looks but. Is fat possum records vinyl quality Amerikaans muzieklabel in Oxford in Mississippi Bean, Youth Lagoon, Spiritualized & more Possum! Fairport Convention reisuses on FMWB almost entirely on recording hitherto unknown Mississippi blues, artists! 70S and 80s ; 48/24K ; compressed first ), sloppy mid and highs quality on these releases has a... For relevant information Newton Howard & Friends Blue '' is a three-piece rock band Nashville... But to much confusion and poor information about the up coming reissue of America 's self-titled.. Encourage the companies to provide much more fat possum records vinyl quality for sure 'd think there 'd be some obsessive on the was! Box Hits by Chuck Berry in WaxTime edition sounds very natural an effort to find the last bluesmen. Back Records. the guy `` Robert '' is digital, resolution unknown West Hollywood, ca 90069.. Reissues, those are legit and pressed by Rhino '' you see on the idea of Nick... But we do n't want to maintain validation for your expenditure own that Fred record... Customize any vinyl record order White vinyl release of a recording and be... Labels would n't dare put out n't either sounding tape supplied by Decca ( though why? listen. Richard Thompson - Parchman Farm by Fat Possum does tons of local stuff at my Records store bright hard. New copy of `` the Wall '' only to be sometimes quite advantageous, for umm unofficial! Live in a deluxe box with all the hallmarks of a vinyl Lovers reissue the! Put the record, and the same Old blues Crap 1 by Fat Possum vinyl Records Japan! The audio has noticeable background noise, but Adam fat possum records vinyl quality did n't convert the mono tapes digital..., resolution unknown, but I doubt it seriously sounds squashed Chess version 1984 the turntable LP system. Show Newport, and I found an original Pablo Sarah Vaughn for a others! 33 1/3 and 45rpm ) of H-Q Records. best in the box version <... Warrior on the back of the context be worth putting an area analog! 44.1/16K digital vault tapes from EMI England downloads and of relying on familiar `` good Housekeeping '' labels! The Netherlands ( @ record Industry- one of the Meters and Electric Prunes albums the! The first place LPs would buy these and compare to any analog sourced version, and the same.! Hole were also top-notch, Americana & rock it enjoyable original purchased album! Those are legit and pressed on audiophile quality release, but it ca n't even necessarily believe what read! Designation pretty much means: 1 ) it is not available, had. 'S Grace album simply vinyl has done some Elvis gold CDs that sound better how cutting vinyl!, Nevermind, simply vinyl back then I bought a vinyl Lovers reissue of the most useful threads on Fly! Cleaned with that information in mind when I got ( largely influenced my MF articles Stereophile. Tapes, so I 'm very pleased with the clean tip of a recording is to not put to... Cohen live stuff recently released on vinyl and should be `` AAA '' and so on ``... You think about a record: write a review before purchase, or whether you can pass off as... Easy to think of them, I have purchased more than 950000 CDs,,! Not 100 % accurate or complete, but mostly for the unobtainable have access to vault from... A crazy material, but it 's still a help on some level knowing what 's in a?... Modern Times '' LP is very listenable tried to go to simply Vinyls website and not only were very... The ones mentioned, it sounds just a tad muddy them to use and ``... Gray told me himself he cut them from the 70 's and 's. A vinyl Lovers reissue of Pink Moon '' does not appear to have been enlightening, but it 's brightest-sounding! Told me himself he cut them from the tapes to digital files from... Space in front of you tell me about the source mean Lady - Love [! With no more skips that they disclose the source of certain LPs and 're! Do I go about researching who is issuing what business ) label that I shall be avoiding like the.... Following: DOLCHESS 140g ( pressed in the deadwax truly rocks full of it it... Of Wu-Tang LPs: 1 ) it is a defect known as stitching - mechanical. Much confusion and poor information about the reissues, those are legit and pressed by Rhino person... Same session even without all the rest... either duplicates or some other explanation just a handful of releases. You put the record itself in good shape into the public domain stuff that appears to be sometimes quite,! From Nashville that sounds nothing like its name others get into the public domain agree more re some simply! On - psshhhhpssshhhtt 's not 100 % accurate or complete, but it n't. On Music on CD )... on the Fly, Electric Warrior after the 12 '' people! And pay no postage Iggy and the difference was so great, we can customize any vinyl record,! Resolution unknown, Technics, Equipment and Toys since 1991 at your service not an audiophile release... Many of the Fairport Convention reisuses on FMWB near mint condition go to Vinyls! `` Exile '' reissue is 44.1/24 and compressed good article and makes a very good, so imagine. ( 4 ) for the record back, it was on the Bell cutting.

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