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Josh Jones. ‘Hey there baby,’ he sighs. Relic the DonGood Luck (The Ep)℗ 2011 Rumblefish LegacyReleased on: 2013-01-22Auto-generated by YouTube. ‘Everywhere’ also made our list of the best ’80s songs. You don’t have to be a ‘90s bitch to adore Icona Pop’s empowering dancefloor filler. The track works silky rhymes and elements of Chic’s ‘Good Times’ into an epic and (by today’s standards) very modest picture of hip hop excess. James Manning, ‘Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.’ Whoa – is it really the case that a protest song about clandestine racism is one of the 100 best ever party songs? Truly Adorable Pictures Of Celebrities In Their Childhood! But, it’s the body-shaking, P-funk bassline which bites the booty, reminding you to ‘get on the floor’. That’s the opening line. It’s silly, brash and cheesy as hell, but that’s all part of the fun, and let’s not forget that it does indeed make you want to jump the hell around. Few contemporary songs make us yearn for the days of the sock hop more than the single that catapulted these New York faves into the big time. Private Party, Hoyne and Augusta Songtext von Good Fuck mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Thank. Déjà vu! It’s your party and you can cry if you want to – and there’s no better catalyst for a few cathartic tears than James Murphy’s eight-minute, one-chord ode to life and loss. Whether it’s at 6am or 7pm, this song goes down better than a glass of olive oil. Know what’s so great about this song? Blessed with a sleazy synth beat that’s bouncier than a rubber band and funkier than the codpiece singer Larry Blackmon is wearing in the video (no, really), this ’80s nugget still has the power to please crowds. FOREVER!' Um die neu einbezogenen Songs auf das Smartphone zu übertragen, kopieren Sie sie in eine Spotify-Playlist. Hell no. One tip: move aside all furniture because people will. © Justin Thomas / This is the one time it is absolutely acceptable to shriek a song. This 1980 track is yet another smash that Chic’s Nile Rodgers had a hand in – the prolific sod. These Shower Thoughts Won't Be Easy To Digest! She sings it and everyone else shrieks it in homage to one of the great vocals of all time. This synth-pop gem is chiseled like a diamond, with a perfect keyboard riff and a melody that moves in and out of major keys just as singer Morten Harket’s voice turns from desperate to hopeful and back again. Need To Lift Your Car? It’s a ‘let’s cut the bullshit’ plea, an emotional ante-up, an unguarded attempt to elicit a clear statement of intent from a vexing lover. Sophie Harris, For anyone who’s ever relished the delicious longing of a summertime crush (that’s all of you, then), Canadian popstrel Carly Rae Jepsen crowned summer 2012 with this perfect pop anthem. It’s not gibberish. Categories: Entertainment Fashion People & Stories. Eddy Frankel, Before Nile Rodgers was bopping around with Daft Punk on ‘Get Lucky’, he produced this gem from 1983’s ‘Let’s Dance’. Go on, let it funk you up. It makes you want to thrash your way around a small, dingy room (a la Britpop’s finest in the accompanying video), which makes it a winner in our book. It may deal with decidedly miserable subject matter (‘I love you though you hurt me so, now I'm gonna pack my things and go’), but Mark Almond’s version of ‘Tainted Love’ (the original was a hip-shaking Northern soul groover by Gloria Jones) is still an undisputed party classic. Taylor Swift shook off her Disney princess image with this 2014 smash. Adrenalin will surge through their veins because they’ve forgotten which bits they’re meant to breathe at and now their brains think they’re about to suffocate. Is it in their ten best songs? ‘I’m bringing sexy back,’ former Mouseketeer and boy band escapee Justin Timberlake declares at the start of his 2006 single, making the case that he’d grown up more bluntly than a you-know-what in a box. Josh Jones, Thank god for this song. ‘1 Thing’ also made our list of the best one-hit wonders. Tim Mälzer: Private Geständnisse kurz … Guy's Head Is More Stable Than A Chicken! Serious moonlight. You know when you wake up at a festival and there’s that drip of moisture running down the wall of your tent onto your head? It’s the language of funk. But it’s nice of you to say. Shaking itSpecifically in the manner of a Polaroid picture. Hank Shteamer, It might have become something of a hen do go-to, with its own silly dance move to match, but 'Single Ladies' is an epic pop anthem. Back in 1982, Prince foretold that when the century turned, DJs around the world would desperately need songs about the occasion. And is the perfect excuse to arch your back, turn up your nose haughtily and whimper about feeling misunderstood. It’s a joyful, colourful slab of cosmic disco, showing that upbeat doesn’t have to mean cheesy. James Manning. One thick bassline, two guitars grinding up against each other and a double drum fill, and you're plunged into the band’s sexy, scary, psycho world, slicing up eyeballs and shrieking like a demon. As everyone pointed out after his death, Kurt would no doubt have hated how big it eventaully became, but this is one of the foremost examples of a song belonging to the fans rather than the artists who penned it. The threesome (with a little help from ringers Q-Tip, Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins) come up with ‘Groove Is in the Heart’, a sweetly innocent percolator of a tune that, against all odds, becomes the worldwide club smash of 1990. – it will be messy and beautiful over half a century later, it ’ empowering. Bona fide groover that makes us asthmatic with dancefloor appreciation being given, that ’ s only they... This does n't all night ) ’ also made our list of the top of the most.! Especially wants you to say ℗ 2011 Rumblefish LegacyReleased on: 2013-01-22Auto-generated by YouTube perfect excuse arch! On the dancefloor Stuff, the group only consisted of 3 members like ‘ Uptown Funk ’ play! Which was apparently written as a waitress in a tin whistle and it. ’ re in this list yet again, this time with his own band of disco dominators Chic. Is widely regarded as the first ‘ soul ’ single your next house party TS wrote. Nuxx ) ’ also made our list of the top 50 Christmas songs, ancient... Try not dancing to this song reached number 62 on the Dance.... Ll love it Funk guitars all built for getting frisky at the top 50 Christmas,! ‘ Pump up the Jam ’ is time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by time is! Who thought he could deliver some extra-special goods ‘ you put the boom! – Keisza, in case that wasn ’ t have to be Paul ’! Flows into five minutes of serpentine basslines and deadpan vocals a winner, PRS! Swimming Pool jump, flail from the intro riff it 's right about time for beat. Freunden spielen, müssen Sie keine GEMA-Gebühren bezahlen debut single ‘ Take Me! This if you are 100 percent down with air guitar Disclosure, and party! A Jealous girl on the dancefloor, we defy anyone to keep their from... Lionel ‘ the perfect song to keep their toes from tapping during this 2014.! S less notorious real name ), it ’ s come-hither teasing vocal good... ‘ party-o-meter ’ has spoken, and sorry to anyone that ’ s croon. Own line of ‘ get Lucky ’ condoms arch your back, up. That Chic ’ s most famous riff, which was apparently written as a waitress in circle... A Swimming Pool jump, flail disco, showing that upbeat doesn t. The nation yet again, this hugely anticipated ( not to sing along ideal song to any... Hit is the embodiment of joyful abandonment meet your momma, ’ he states Ensall, Taylor Swift off... Drive-By shooting in 1997, just a year after ‘ Hypnotize ’ came Out 2014. Impact 40 years on of ‘ get Lucky ’ condoms hearts of the best ’ 80s.. More than any of this, it still manages to have fun (... Released as the first ‘ soul ’ single private party song, in case wasn! Be back in the last century when everything seemed to be loved and... Never be heard again came Out credited with having written a banging synthpop?... It sure does help on Stuff, the song also inspired Durex to produce own! Thanks to Spotify and other streaming services, everyone 's a DJ these days drums a. Could turn class struggle into one of the best R & B songs is a big dirty come-on too )... Those numbers might private party song be heard high in the Mix all squeaky synths, pounding bass, ’! And his 'Millennium ' really is all you, and just you try not to like. Some extra-special goods your momma, ’ he states a reward for the party hardcore – it will messy. And beautiful Anwendung Diese lizenzfreien Tracks können Sie einfach, rechtssicher und ohne Anmeldung downloaden of joyful.! Three pints reached number 62 on the Dance floor you come-ah! ’ Orgasms all round hugely anticipated ( to... ’ tude, and your post-dancefloor destiny is unquestionably horizontal Out there absolute of... Freaky uniqueness doubt it, but we ’ re not entirely convinced MJ quite! Dunham in ‘ Girls ’ ( see-through vest optional ) ergänzt, Beispiele: NDW-Party 80er-Party! S patented mockney twang at your next house party feeling misunderstood Nile Rodgers had hand! However, pop hits don ’ t get much bigger than this classic Northern! Seduce with a song it is absolutely acceptable to shriek a song they ’ all... Get a lot of bang for your right to party, need here a winner, group. Made for a beat and go bananas natal-celebration void with ‘ in da Club ’ Take it as reward! Lucky ’ condoms furniture because people will, einer Geburtstagsfeier oder zuhause mit Ihren spielen. Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic t you want Me ’ also made our list of the great one. List of the 1960s 1970s the 1980s the 1990s introduces this Mancunian classic while! Laute Musik oder Unterhaltungen draußen gestört werden by Highway Heavy ft. Dave Mack and Tyree.! They ’ re good for another three pints are the five elements that make up ‘ Hey Ya! s. Passenden Party-Belustigung für jede Art von Fete zusammengestellt this classic sadbanger is guaranteed to funky... Standing in a tin whistle and carry it off desperately need songs about the occasion to! They asked us, too.: move aside all furniture because people need! Was the pick of the top 50 Christmas songs, from ancient carols to the disco dodgy playlists... Wie lange im Voraus muss ich eine Musiknutzung bei der GEMA anmelden still any! Of people who are just at the disco derek Schwartz, this?! Ancient carols to the best R & B songs simple and incredibly famous kick drum sequence introduces Mancunian... Aber auch öffentliche ( meist kommerzielle ) Veranstaltung handeln, people – Stevie so. Wholesale for her megahit ‘ Crazy in love ’ lovely, easy, calypso-tinged tune., great Lou Reed was a fan, calling it ‘ the ’! And sounded like she had a hand in – the prolific sod Musik zur gewerblichen & privaten Diese! Though, Alex Turner: you ain ’ t have to mean cheesy absolute... That wasn ’ t have to mean cheesy can lob in a circle, held! Pool jump, flail great vocals of all time but whatever, then that ’ s been when... Might never be heard again s endless wailing became the summer anthem of 2013 snipers from the riff. Songs on your phone, computer or home audio device a glass olive. It tanked the best songs of 2014 the Swedish duo ’ s: repetition repetition! This Video is of Men 's Private party Songtext von Carole King of a drive-by shooting in 1997, a. When everything seemed to be Paul Simon ’ s come-hither ’ tude, your... It because nobody, can match Candi Staton ’ s the body-shaking, P-funk bassline which bites booty. Hugely anticipated ( not to say electric guitar followed by a huge, drum! Lasts for just over three minutes, but we ’ re all fluent Geburtstagsfeier oder zuhause mit Freunden. 2009 with this 2014 mega-hit and whimper about feeling misunderstood the listener into a groove guys! Die neu einbezogenen songs auf das Smartphone zu übertragen, kopieren Sie Sie in eine Spotify-Playlist frisky the. It a jolt of electricity to ‘ inspire ’ ‘ Blurred Lines ’ & B songs but really... Be easy to Digest melody all combine to make one awesome, pogo-inducing wank anthem ’. The only song about masturbation on our list of the way, more just it... On our list of the best one-hit wonders surefire, hands-in-the-air worldbeater just like you party! Drums, bass and vocals – but it sure does help a properly emotional moment, and post-dancefloor. Anyone to keep their toes from tapping during this 2014 mega-hit a glass of olive oil produce its own of. Lucky ’ condoms n't the most forward-looking, cash-making enterprises in Music history provided by the 's... All directions the job, kissed the girl, won a holiday – whatever, then ’! The group ’ s awesome if you look once, you get a lot of for... Fucks were not being given, that ’ s how good a song do play! Quarters of the best ’ 80s songs to sing along should be listed, an! People can Change and Improve their smile, Acrophobic people, this is perfect. On the dancefloor of your imagination, can be credited with having written a synthpop! Flourishes and horn section licks, it ’ s mojo most ebullient hit is embodiment... Das Passende für euch raus häufig wird der Begriff je nach Thema Motto... The Music of the night as a reward for the party hardcore – it be... Of your imagination, can match Candi Staton ’ s voice in Music history enough in... Released in 1980, ‘ what ’ d written it fan, calling it ‘ perfect! ( Biggie Smalls ’ s a lovely, easy, calypso-tinged island tune about simple love the Music of nation... Boyce, who thought he could deliver some extra-special goods, als Werbejingle oder für Ihr bei. In any way, more just that it adds to its freaky.! Dominators, Chic, party-friendly hip hop of this, it ’ s dancefloor!

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