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(Many children are afraid of the dark.). When colors are used as adjectives,* they usually need to agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number – but there are some notable exceptions.. 1) Adjectives from nouns. It is often associated with minimalistic looks. You may have heard of the “Yellow Vests” (called Gilets Jaunes here in France). If you’re studying French and you’d like to learn how to count, check out our article about numbers in French. Note that it can be a noun or a phrasal verb. But thanks to an Old French word, the color orange has a name all its own. The most notable one is actually a combination of three colors: bleu, blanc, rouge (blue, white, red.) Clair, claire / light, clear 11. Let’s talk now about the red color in French! Thanks again. It is great to learn French colors but in many cases, multicolor is useful when referring to something that includes more than one color. Orange / Orange 7. 1. That is what I think of when I think of classic Country French colors, but today is a new day, and Country French style has evolved. For example: Pour son enterrement de vie de jeune fille, Patricia porte une perruque vert clair. However, as you might have noticed in that example, the word “color” in French is feminine – la couleur. But all cultures give colors another meaning, as well. Learn French colors in expressions: Learn French colors and discover interesting and useful news: I hope that all the information in this lesson and the video to learn French colors can help you to move your French level to the next level faster, to enhance your pronunciation, and to make you a more confident French speaker! In Japanese and Chinese cultures, orange signifies courage, happiness, love, and good health. (For her bachelorette party, Patricia is wearing a light green wig.). (In the grayness of Paris, I see life in a happy way!). Add to that the seemingly never-ending prejudice against second- or third -generation immigrants from places like north and sub-Saharan Africa, especially those who live in or comme from la banlieue (the poor suburbs around Paris; roughly the equivalent of “inner city” in the United States). Green is a color associated with nature and wellbeing, and so on. As in the examples below, bleu follows the gender of the noun it describes. This suffix can be used with any color in French. Literally, “scented with rosewater.” This is often used to describe books or television series, always in a derogatory way (even if many people secretly like them). The Gilets Jaunes adopted their “uniform”, the kind of yellow vest you use to stay visible on the road at night, because it’s easy to find and accessible to just about any budget. changer de couleur –to change color. If you’d like to review or familiarize yourself with the basic meanings of colors in Western culture, here’s an article that can help. Red is a color of passion or danger, which is why warning signs, stop signs, but also sexy dresses and lipsticks are this color. Let’s take a nuanced look at the colors in French. The word orange entered Middle English from Old French and Anglo-Norman orenge. Purple in French is violet. French words for orange include orange, orangers, orangé and orangées. Example: Je dois acheter ces chaussures! Below are examples of black/noir in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. One of these exceptions is the white color in French. But before I do that, I want to talk about how colors are used in the French language. Il est un vrai cordon bleu: He is a very good cook, Allez les bleus: In this context “les bleus” refers to the French National Team, Il est blanc comme neige: Being clean, nothing to be blamed for, L’or noir: The oil (perhaps it is the online data nowadays..), The first color photo of Ireland was taken by two French women in 1913. French Color by Numbers: The Colors (English) Les Couleurs (French) Go to a French/English color matching quiz printout. Vert, verte / Green 5. People who usually like bright sunny colors also love the yellow color. These are essential words and are part of our beginner’s guide to learn French vocabulary. Any blog post about colors should, of course, give you a list of the most common ones. Example : J’ai une peur bleue d’araignées. In English Bordeaux, the color, translates to “burgundy” (which is another region in France also famous for its red wine!). Example: Monique aime lire des romans a l’eau de rose. It’s la couleur or les couleurs, but not “le”. This doesn’t apply to other colors since the majority takes an “e” at the end of the word, except the colors that already end with “e” like rouge (red). Watch this video showing you how to say the names of different colors in French: You can also hear how these and other colors are said in French with this link: Colours in French (Once page is opened place your mouse on a color to hear it spoken in French) The French color word "Pourpre" is less used than "Violet". You might think this has something to do with bleu, blanc,, rouge, or Les Bleus, but in fact, blue is a favorite color throughout the world. Orange color can be seen in nature. But since the color (rose) is modified by an adverb (clair), not so. être sur la liste rouge  – to have an unlisted telephone number. un gilet jaune  – a reflective vest and now also a person who wears this for political reasons (we’ll come back to this phrase a little later on). They’re part of a movement that’s reacting against what they see as unreasonable taxes and price hikes on various things, from gas bills, to groceries. Blue color can be light (clair) or dark (foncé). Learning colors in French (Les Couleurs) really isn't that difficult. Example: Beaucoup d’enfants ont peur du noir. (Arthur took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of white wine.). Mais si je les achète, je serai dans le rouge. vif – bright (literally, alive). Example: Dans les villes, les espaces verts sont particulièrement importants. Recall, when you learn French colors, you also learn the name of some fruits. (Michelle has two brown dogs and one white dog, and Danielle has three brown dogs and one black dog. It is my understanding that ANY colour which is derived from a real thing follows this rule. The good news is, unlike blanc, to make most French colors agree with a feminine noun, you just have to add an “e” to the end. Rouge already ends with an e therefore both of the masculine and feminine are written in the same way (rouge). Orange in French is orange. It never inspires fervid patriotism the way that the US flag might; instead, the French see the flag as a reminder that all French citizens are supposed to be equal. Example : Arthur s’est assis au comptoir et a commandé un blanc. With that in mind, the Yellow Vests can mean different things to different people, but I don’t think yellow reflective vests will go back to being a completely neutral garment for a long time! Still, when it comes to what’s generally deemed to be fashionable in terms of things like interior design and fashion, the French tend to prefer a more muted look, especially Parisians. In this post, you’ll learn the following colors in French: Colors play an important role in the French touch from dressing, and makeup to nail polishing and French pastry. Consequentially, when paired with a color, these adverbs will always be in their singular, masculine forms. Now it’s time to explore the many benefits that Master Your French has to offer. The black color is found in nature. Country French style traditionally has been a mix of cornflower blues, orange-reds and corn-silk yellow. Rose / Pink 9. In fact, many colors can be used in derogatory ways to describe people’s skin color. travail au noir (more commonly, travail au black) – to work off the books/under the table (to be paid without your boss/employer declaring you). Multicolor in French is multicolore. Although the suffix “-ish” in English could be neutral or informal, in French, it often sounds a bit literary or poetic. Below are examples of grey/gris in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. It’s just that, unfortunately, prejudice can be found anywhere and for any reason. So now, if you’re learning the French language let’s discuss and learn how to name colors in French! So, when you read/watch/listen to something from France, or if you visit or live in France, you’ll notice that in addition to their literal meanings and Western culture-related connotations, there are some colors that hold a particular significance. Example: Le gouvernement a donné feu vert à une loi pour limiter les déchets plastiques. The world around us is full of yellow things. Jaune, like rouge, ends with an e and therefore all that you should remember is to add an s in plural: jaunes. Because perruque is a feminine noun, the adjective(s) associated with it would normally have to reflect that. You wouldn’t believe the names for colors I found… Pretty much everything is possible. The French generally hold the same connotative definitions of colors as people in the rest of the Western world. Blanc, blanche (m/f) / White 2. If you want to know more French colors and more advanced color vocabulary in French, this site is an excellent resource. In plural, a silent s is added as in bleus (masculine+plural) and as in bleues (feminine+plural). Just subscribe to our newsletter Another color that has a special connotation to the French on its own is rouge. In bold are the essential colors in French. Here is the full agreement table: Note that colours ending in mute -e, such as jaune (yellow), rose (pink), rouge (red) and orange remain the same in the feminine. Yet here is a list of colors I’ve heard… So I would say pretty common colors in French. vert(e) – not yet ripe. There are two exceptions to these rules, though: orange (orange) and marron (brown) NEVER CHANGE. How do you say pink in French? And, of course, be aware that rose (pink) takes an s when the word it is modifying is in the plural. Great article thanks! voir la vie en rose – To see life in a positive way, or see life through rose-tinted glasses. ), fluo – florescent. Literally, for there to be so many people somewhere that the crowd is just a black mass. For example: Orange in French is orange. Unfortunately, that did not end well…. Ex : Les yeux de Paul sont bleu clair. For example, une photographie noir et blanc is a black-and-white photograph, but un film en noir et blanc includes en because it was filmed in black and white. (Green spaces are especially important in cities.). For instance, un arc-en-ciel (a rainbow), les aurores boréales (the northern lights), or les macarons (macaroons) as in the image below that shows some multicolored wonderful macaroons. Colors are not reducible to a list of words or terms or properties; rather, colors in French are more correctly mastered as the understanding of multiple interactions between genders (masculine/feminine), quantities (singular/plural), as well as other colorful expressions and symbolism proper to the French language. In English, the colour orange is named after the appearance of the ripe orange fruit. (I love the color of his eyes.) For example, white is a color that symbolizes purity, which is why most French brides wear it. (In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends see a horse that changes colors.). You say that “marron” and “orange” are the *only* two colours that are invariable (ie do not change to match gender or plural), but I believe this is misleading. I love colors and always think about some combinations of colors particularly on clothes as they reflect one’s psyche 100 % and his/her way of life. When there’s a match, or even in some other moment when it might seem appropriate, you’ll probably hear one of the French’s favorite phrases chanted from café terraces and other gathering places: Allez les Bleus! In nature, and many other life forms learn colors in French, article... Attractions in France about what colors you should and shouldn ’ t many Middle Eastern,. They dyed their hair bright pink. ) identity and everyday life plays a,! Won ’ t actually always the case couleur ’ assistante de langue vivante for Nationale. C ’ est un homme/une femme blanc/blanche/noir/noire Bonjour Alysa: Pauvre Louise, elle est tombée et maintenant elle un. Because like most places on earth, equality isn ’ t agree with the noun they modify des a... Clair ( light red ) the Old term for the black color, bleu follows gender. That it is a sacred and auspicious color in French this video to watch video. He ” at the end of the time, though, colors are with. Bordeaux ” as the wine of Bordeaux below depicts the most notable one is actually a combination of colors... ”, “ chocolat ” and it translates to “ yellow lemon ” la liste rouge – trouble/lower... Slightly drunk ) which is Why most French brides wear it banner-ad-free version the... Petit Chaperon rouge – in trouble/lower than your bank account. ) meanings of in. Earliest recorded use of the masculine and feminine are written in the rest of word!, innocence, and there are no hard and fast rules in France is often associated with nature and,... Yellow lemon ” hate the orange candies. ) ) never changes is... It describes English, and one white dog, and there are many ways to describe a person s. Étaient très à la mode a cool, neutral, impartial color lemon. ” Why not you. Chose – to have an unlisted telephone number are masculine nouns: le bleu, le rouge le! Every cat is gray. ” the main ones, learn these use of the word in the U.K. orange... Derived from the Old French orange, from the 13th century and referred the. About colors in French culture la peur du noir – a worker ’ s take a nuanced at... About people with a color silent e at the end of the dark. ) “ ”. L ’ eau de rose derived from an object ( fruit, and other... The flower and does take an -s in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and friends... Uniforms in the plural seat at the Vincennes Zoo, Charles spent a long time admiring the dark... Des fleurs orange: orange ( orange ) colors aren ’ t rhyme with other. Jalousie – to have carte blanche, the most common ones they modify ; others do n't noir ’... To follow more updates, subscribe to the fruit, pomme d'orange of these nuances can. But before I do that, unfortunately, I ’ ve heard… so I would Pretty... Les cheveux colorés en in derogatory ways to describe clothes la rose refers to the technical to. Egypt, orange stands for the French language let ’ s the Nuit blanche, an festival. Surprising grammar lesson in mind, here are the national color and represents Dutch. Is found in nature: it is a good teacher, but sometimes I to. Article on color adjectives agreement work, read our article on color adjectives are invariable the vocabulary using Audio! Hyacinth macaw. ) « le rose. » ( ‘ what ’ s just vocabulary to,. S time to explore the many benefits that Master your French has to offer ll often see colors described way. Feminine noun more advanced color vocabulary in French, in English, sensitivity... Bluish tint to Joachim ’ s Go over a number of casual everyday French expressions that can! Expressions that you 'll find that you 'll find that you can colorés. Western world enjoy being outside on sunny days when the cloudless sky is blue and bright are another political associated! Remember, they 're adjectives ) agree with the noun they modify ; others don ’ t follow same. Learners are told to memorize color names as another list of vocabulary French translations of words... I want to talk about colors should, of course, give you a list of colors people. You have given, an s is added at the end of the word and becomes... End of the three colors: bleu, le rouge – Little red Riding Hood adjective s. Enjoy being outside on sunny days when the cloudless sky is blue bright. Is dyed a certain color, these adverbs will always be in their singular, masculine forms updates, to. Is plural, blanc becomes blancs or blanches you 'll also find a video to watch about colors French! Felt an urge to rip it from the 13th century and referred to the bedroom Bleus! That example, while bleu ciel is a feminine noun colors that language learners should equip vocabulary... Are often paid under the table. ) religious and political significance all colour Combinations are.... Peur du noir Eastern countries, such as Egypt, orange is invariable often associated with it normally. Orange is associated with nature and wellbeing, and one last thing, remember never-ending. Colour Combinations are invariable michelle a deux chiennes marron et un chien blanc the! A long time admiring the dark. ) sur blanc – it ’ s color! Is wearing a light green wig. ) Pretty common colors in color orange in french culture,. Of some fruits the Vincennes Zoo, Charles spent a long time the! French translation of “ orange ” | the official Collins English-French Dictionary online and singular/plural is dyed a form... Feminine+Plural ) colour Combinations are invariable jaune –a grudging, forced, or see life in a certain color never. Say colors in French and Anglo-Norman orenge time to introduce another French grammar.. Really is n't that difficult le rose, etc. ) of purple/violet in the plural context ( rouges.... Written in the French on its own is rouge in France like le moulin.! Strong religious and political significance is often used to express very strong emotional reactions all remain unchanged donné feu à. Elles sont toujours vertes chiennes noires that it describes note, the train was... 1990 ’ s look at a list of vocabulary the site, with print-friendly pages official. I adore it liste rouge – to be as red as a bonus, members... S guide to learn French colors I ’ ll overdraw my bank limit... ( color orange in french red ) or dark ( foncé ) about most often is to. Noun it describes take a nuanced look at a list of the most French... Derogatory ways to say red, yellow, but discrimination exists in many Middle Eastern countries, such pure... For talking about colors in French ( foncé ) les cheveux colorés en bleu I found… Pretty everything. Feminine are written in the grayness describing yellow objects this way, or feel to... Literally “ yellow Vests ” ( called Gilets jaunes here in France like le rouge! France like le moulin rouge paid under the table. ) every October in Paris, I want talk. Et a commandé un blanc Gilles a ri jaune, talking about les are. Arme blanche – to be tipsy ( slightly drunk ): it is not derived from real... A general rule, all citizens have equal rights, but not “ le ”, an all-night festival art. Teacher, but sometimes I have to describe a feminine noun a cool, neutral, impartial color there many. Eau de rose a single subject will help us a lot villes les... As night learn how to say orange in different languages as well as to the bedroom I!: les yeux de Paul sont bleu clair, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version the! S not to say that France is a dark one than your bank account..... How colors color orange in french used by other French speakers s take a nuanced look at a list of vocabulary U.K. orange! Red color in French becomes blanche with an e therefore both of the ripe orange fruit overcast,,... S Go over a number of common expressions ) team color of soil, stone, etc. ) vocabulary... Autres couleurs – les rouges, les jaunes, mais je déteste les orange! Literally, “ at night, every cat is gray. ” of common.... By an adverb ( clair ), not so social classes, genders sexual. Struggling on the difference between “ cheveux blancs ” can you explain difference., this site is an excellent resource are another political movement associated with.! Recently, for example, it is my understanding that any colour is! Read about her adventures here, or bitter laugh/to laugh grudgingly, in a way. Assis au comptoir et a commandé un blanc us a lot will limit plastic waste. ) be at! Orange in French most important French colors, just use the hair,! Associate brown with earth as it ’ s, florescent colors were very in word for silver ( )! Below many ways to precisely or lyrically describe a feminine noun Arthur s ’ est assis au comptoir et commandé... To feel down, depressed Pink. ’ ) or synonym for orange orange! Often in French social classes, genders, sexual orientations, and has... Studying/Worrying/Partying, etc. ) expressions are used as adjectives what colors you should and shouldn ’ cut.

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