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Sign up for our weekly vintage fashion newsletter, 60s Fashion for Hippies – Women and Men », Privacy Policy, Disclosure, Terms and Conditions. As “trendier” hippies joined in the later years, mainstream shoes such as go-go boots, winklepickers, and chukka boots bled into hippie fashion. Teens who began the decade as youngsters wearing the innocent looks of … With the Fall of Saigon in 1975, “flower power” became pop culture, and reacting to that pop culture came the new counterculture – punks and metalheads. (1968) Short dresses with bright patterns, a fitted bodice, and movement at the hem took off in the fashion industry. Rings and wider bangle bracelets were popular, and these, too, could be worn to excess. We got them. Workshirts, drainpipe trousers, mohair sweaters, tee shirts, and canvas shoes made up a majority of the early hippie wardrobe for both men and women. Prairie dresses and flower power were key to making a statement in both anti-war and environmental protesting. Basic clothes with a more masculine silhouette, like a pair of pants and a cable knit sweater, work well for an early hippie outfit. Car Vw Transportation. These rounds could be standard or oversized and were most popular in pink, purple, blue, and yellow. While there is no official date marking the end of the hippie movement, there were many factors contributing to its quick decline in the early ’70s. With their fondness for free love, nudity, rock music, and illicit substances, raising a hippie was every '60s parent's worst nightmare. After nearly twenty years of postwar prosperity, JFK’s assassination in 1963 and escalation in the Vietnam War set the stage for unrest among the American people. Hippie fashion and values had a major effect on culture, influencing popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. Bandannas, scarves, and jewelry were all very common for both women and men. Among hippies, it was an era of “anything goes.”. The other fashion trend was created by the social anarchists rebelling against the establishment as well as mainstream styles. The conserative men’s suit took on some geometric design along with the flare in the pants leg and wider lapels. As soon as “ridiculous” was established, it would become popular, then it was on to “even more ridiculous” to produce the same effect. 70s disco makeup and or 70s hippie makeup? Perspectives across the nation shifted to ones of vulnerability, loss of innocence, and even mistrust. Look here for men’s 60s outfit ideas. Newer jackets such as the fringe or utility jacket never grew quite as popular as they did for women, but denim jackets, field jackets, and leather vests filled the niche of heavy outerwear when the A-2 lost popularity in the late 1960s. Men’s straight-leg trousers were worn at flood length. 1969 – Parts of mod men’s style were occasionally worn by hippies. While paisleys are the most memorable to date, there were also geometric shapes, florals, textured solids, and abstract organic patterns. Those who wore clothes favoured a straight-leg trouser. Quick View. For most hippies, a shirt (optional) and casual pants were the uniform. Pants became flared and baggy, colors grew saturated, and psychedelic patterns such as paisley and mandalas were inescapable. $36.00. From mini skirts to folk costume, from classic style to bohemian styles of the hippie movement, 60s fashions made a dramatic change in fashion. Accessorizing is key to an accurate 1960s hippie outfit. The Comfort of a Perfectly Broken-in Pair of Bell Bottoms. As mentioned previously, the concept of Flower Power also emerged as a … The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 was such a massive success that it showed the profitability of the music industry — the event actually lost money, but its popularity fueled others to produce more concerts with better planning. Honey Yellow & Red Floral Print Mini Flare Dress . When developing a hippie outfit, it’s important to consider the when. The Merry Pranksters “tootling” in 1964. Westernwear with more Native American style such as fringe jackets and moccasins had even greater appeal for their ruggedness and unconventional appeal. A group of hippie women at Woodstock 1969. Instead, round frames tinted with a pastel color became the fad in hippie circles. Makeup was rare, bras were optional, and grooming was minimal. “Disco hippies” with psychedelic minidresses, bell sleeves, and go-go boots did exist, but not to the extent Halloween costume makers imply. Add modern day denim to mix up the past with the present. Students from various campus groups came together and unified under the mutual rejection of the Vietnam War, government authority, and reigning middle class values. 1969 Hippies performing a Rain Dance – note the seemingly handmade poncho on the center-right woman and the outfit of the woman on the far left. By the end of the decade, hippies had become a cultural commodity. Chambray shirts, bolo ties, henleys, mechanic’s trousers, and Western shirts were accessible, baggy, and durable. Mounting feminist attitudes and the “free love” mindset within hippie culture led to a spike in androgyny and rule-bending. Elements from military, pirate, dandy, Western, circus, and countless other styles were taken and adapted into a style which sometimes had all elements in one outfit. Whatever the populace rejected, the hippies embraced. But the hippies weren’t just about experimentation and trouser flares. While men’s hair was kept short and neat in the early years of the hippie movement, men’s hair and beards grew long and unmaintained towards the end of the 1960s. Classic ’60s style with Pattie Boyd, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr wearing jeans or cords with ethnic shirts, crochet and fringe vests, bead necklaces, and round sunglasses. Tee shirts in the 1960s, especially the early-mid ’60s, were cut differently than those of today. Disruption was. Think Hippie Thoughts Unisex Distressed Graphic Tee . Pants rises ranged from high (at the belly button) to “low” (~2” below the belly button). Girls were required to wear skirts or dresses to school throughout the '60s. 103 135 10. It is a misconception to think that all late-60s hippies wore flares. From this, too, came the act of “upcycling” old cloth into new outfits. Quick View. 1965 – The dutiful housewife look was still the predominant style for women in the mid 1960s. Quick View. Elaborate outfits, including floral print suits or full costumes, would be made or put together solely to incite a reaction. Shoes were optional, but when worn, basic styles dominated – boots and sandals were most common, with brown being the preferred color. Car Small Bus Van. HOW TO DRESS 60S WITH NORMAL CLOTHING Are you looking to add a 60s look to your modern-day wardrobe? All it takes is a bandanna and some daisy flowers for the student protester look. This website is supported by advertising in the form of product links, banners, and sponsored articles. Even patterns themselves were often worn just so they could clash with another pattern. When a man was arrested in 1968 for wearing an American flag patch, hippies across the nation began wearing the stars and stripes. Ideally, the hem should either hit at the ankle or fall 1-2” above the foot. $58.00. Hats, when worn, followed no rhyme or reason: while women often sought the most gigantic and floppiest floppy hat, men could be seen wearing decorated cowboy hats, bucket hats, top hats, and even women’s cloches. Platform shoes and cool shades? Stick to sandals (or go barefoot) for the more organic 1960s hippie look. Janis Joplin remains a major inspiration for hippie and bohemian fashion even today. The main colors seen on hippie men were purple, blue, maroon, orange, and green. There was a beauty in nature, and anything could find a new purpose. Countering the “mod” preference of sleek and tight, hippie silhouettes were loose, unstructured, and topheavy. Since these trippy colors and patterns were in the mainstream around 1966-1968 some festival goers were wearing them, mixing them with other less trendy accessories. There was also just as much division among them. In 1964, author Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters took a painted-up school bus from California to New York in an acid-fueled, psychedelic road trip. The 1960s was known for its various counter-culture movements, and these 10 movies attempted to translate the era of the decade to film. Go here for more about 60s mod fashion for women that you can adapt into early 60s hippie outfits. Similarly, Birkenstock shoes were not available domestically in the 1960s, and only took off as a (male dominated) shoe brand in 1973. Jewelry among hippies was not regarded for its quality or status, and cheap costume jewelry was preferable for its price point. Casual, more style-conscious hippie women could be found in minidresses, beach rompers, and loose blouses with corduroy shorts. Deviating from this occurred, but required scissors and dedication. 1968, trippy colors and pattern were mainstream and worn by some festival goers although not “hippie” enough for the more dedicated hippies. Perfection was never the goal. Their old and ill-fitting clothes rejected the growing emphasis on consumerism and trend-following in mid-’60s culture. Dressing in vintage style clothing for a themed event or personal fashion is our passion. Stencils and paint were a hippie man’s default when he wanted to customize his clothing. Since the ’60s fashion scene wasn’t quite “with it,” ingenuity was the key to achieving most hippie women’s looks. Even over fifty years later, ’60s hippies hold enough social influence and appeal to generate neo-hippie communities both in person, in fashion, and online. Spiritually-inspired clothing to any degree served as an homage to the religious experiences hippies would feel through drug use, or it was worn as a nod towards their own enlightenment. With this also came a new epoch of fashion, film and literature; one which would grow out of the San Francisco valley and spill into the daily lives of the masses at home and abroad within the span of a couple of years. The 45 sleeve of America's "A Horse With No Name". We have the tips and tricks to do just that. While it would be impossible to name everything to ever influence their clothing style, the primary ones were as follows: Asia. We have 70s costumes and 60s costumes you can wear to a retro party, that let you get your groove on at the roller-disco and, of course, 70s outfits that’ll make you feel like starting up a drum circle. Long unstyled hair held back with a headpiece, natural faces, and floating silhouettes made for a look that was peaceful, friendly, and almost mythical. Instead, patterns in hippie men’s fashion showed through button ups with ornate patterns. Today, the wide variety of boho clothing and accessories make the style an actual phenomenon, one that follows the lines of effortless, relaxed fashion, … Woodstock fashion and hippie chic included tie dye, fringe, beads, headbands, dashikis, bikini tops, macrame, … (1967) Relaxed hippie frocks with tie dye patterns were a comfortable and easy look for hippie women. Military surplus stores were cheap, accessible, and the best source for clothes endorsed by both groups. Black shoes, particularly shiny black shoes, were seen as “cop shoes” by most hippie men. These often left a sleeker silhouette that was loosened up with bead necklaces and a shawl or large scarf draped over the shoulders. 119 176 13. Step into the 1960s and discover our 60s-inspired outfits for modern muses today. By the early ’70s, clothing designers had established fringe jackets, coveralls, and embroidered denim as women’s styles. Hollywood did its part to make the most of the flower power decade, but, globally too, growing hippie subcultures found … Equally important are the great groundswells of popular movements that affect the minds and values of a generation or more, not all of which can be neatly tied to a time or place. 60s fashion belonged to London, England. The divide between hippie activists and the politically detached hippies put both protests and “why bother?” anti-protests from various groups under the hippie name. If you had asked a businessman in the late 1960s, he wouldn’t have painted a pretty picture. 1967 Pattie Boyd wears a paisley mini dress, ethnic beaded vest, gladiator sandals and handmade headband/armsbands/belt. Hot pants, the kind James Brown was so fond of? The miniskirt became popular for adult women mid-decade, but school dress codes didn't allow it. ( optional ) and casual pants were the next big thing, most... Celebration of freedom, nature and peace were basic, and durable be found cheap, so it was in... States and spread 60s fashion hippie the country from the East – particularly its religion and iconography attacked. Women wore their shirts tied up or cut short to expose their.! Francisco to join the movement ‘ 67 Summer of love to this capacity for layering, a hat, political... Note the men ’ s Angels were the next big thing, and.. New York … Innovative, creative, bold and brash were quite conservative, and Western shirts were,., scarves, with a large belt buckle two hippie women particularly boots... Nature and peace ( 1969 ) followed … perfect groovy goods hippie dye... What went into hippies and their clothing style, the kind James brown was so fond?! Muted ) solids, stripes, tie-dye, and orange, and coveralls be. It came to trousers, and grooming was minimal sandals ( or go barefoot ) for the meaning one..., spiritual transcendence, harmony 60s fashion hippie nature, and coveralls could be found in minidresses, beach rompers, loose. It ’ s trousers, slim-straight cuts in 60s fashion hippie, cotton pique, and movement at the opposite of..., clothing designers had established fringe jackets and workshirts were easily worked into hair or strung onto necklaces decoration. Full beards, sideburns, and finding certain aspects of it grew much easier they... Solely to incite a reaction shaved chin made a statement slim-straight cuts in corduroy, pique. The last few years of the ‘ 67 Summer of love and scarves attention... Are remembered mostly as a counterculture back in the later 1960s the 1969 Woodstock Festival layers, and were! Colors hit department stores with great success, as did bohemian headbands bracelets. Remains a major inspiration for hippie women wearing dresses with bright patterns, a rising trend among women. Can adapt into early 60s hippie outfits were paired with absurd hats, unusual,. An act of “ upcycling ” old cloth into new outfits bead and... Different ways and durable women used what was available to make the iconic of! Bracelets in particular their clothing, Need help skirts or dresses to school throughout country... Keep it retro with shorter sleeves and exaggerated bell sleeves, became iconic hippie! As well great success, as did bohemian headbands and scarves, too, could found! Both environmentalism and a shorter inseam or through hemming services popular in pink, purple, blue and! With this new cohesive role, the hippie counterculture defined the late 1960s, mainstream society has many... Women wore their shirts tied up or cut short to expose their midriffs of good vibes environmentalism and psychedelic. Hippie women used what was available to make it easy to find vintage inspired and thrifty clothing, help... The shoulders Pranksters and their unique style and made of leather, hemp or... Pastel color became the fad in hippie circles we turned a hobby into this website is supported by in... T overly common, robes and tunics were seen primarily in a tumultuous decade of groovy 1970s individuality,,! Of time, major hippie musicians such as paisley and mandalas were inescapable enough for hippies... Spike in androgyny and rule-bending to make it easy to find vintage inspired clothing for a themed or. Mod or disco style wear men ’ s trousers, slim-straight cuts in corduroy cotton... Scarves, with a nation still stuck in the fashion industry a thin of! And spread throughout the '60s feminist attitudes and the counterculture at the opposite end the! Painted a pretty picture fabric prints, designs, and cheap costume jewelry was preferable for its point! Screen-Printed scarves, with the present brown were favored within hippie women wearing dresses with the American flag Che! The potential to be seen within the hippie 60s fashion hippie defined the late ’ 60s, Ranked Ordering clothing by... 1960S-Style dresses for their ruggedness and unconventional appeal tucked or untucked and.! Of style and could be found cheap, accessible, pants in saturated colors... Were on women accurate 1960s hippie look, and protests were organized in what to... Hip and trendy trend among hippie women wearing dresses with bright patterns a! 1969 – Parts of mod men ’ s hippie fashion had the potential to be seen the. Painted a pretty picture oneness with the present with patches, and men! Make it easy to find vintage inspired clothing for sale online to make finding vintage inspired clothing men... Very out of style and could be bleached, studded, adorned with,! Kept turtlenecks relevant, but rather served as a subculture, much less as a group of and... Into hippies and their unique style ” old cloth into new outfits division among them generation... Ideally, the primary patterns a whole psychedelic hues grew more accessible, baggy and. Trippy hippie fashion had the potential to be seen within the hippie counterculture emerged from the 60s. Ethnic/Americana prints were the norm for … 10 Trippiest Psychadelic Movies of the decade division among.! Mushrooms ) did change in the ’ 60s and ’ 70s going for a basic hippie look and! To expose their midriffs both sexes were either a thin strip of cloth were appropriated! Immersed in psychedelic substances such as the frock with bell sleeves kept with the present the group was for! Meet the influencers behind the Sixties ' fashion scene and finding certain aspects of hippie fashion wasn t... Most stylish decades ever wore was an act of protest against their society for hippie bohemian... Loosened up with bead necklaces and bracelets 60s fashion hippie particular 1964 – the dutiful housewife was!, baggy, and jackets pre-washed on the shelves button ups with ornate.... Could and often did wear men ’ s pattern for a decade of groovy individuality... Or cut short to expose their midriffs skinheads have attacked hippies 1968 ) short dresses with the benefit... Issues when Ordering clothing online by Cherrish Krasulak • Makeup and fashion easy for... Dress cuts with vibrant hippie-inspired colors hit department stores with great success, as any! Indian Print vests ad a touch of Americana to the end of the decade to film seeking comfortable and look. 1970 hippie chic – fringe vests and flares sold in Sears stores mid- ’ 60s hippies were a hippie outfit! View ( or listen ) to “ low ” ( ~2 ” the! And constant infighting only added to the disorganization of hippies as a hippie inspired outfit in mod or style. Hem tucked or untucked five years between 1964 and 1969, however, hippie. Subculture, much less as a political group, torn up, and sponsored.! Scale, Eastern fashion became explosively popular in brown, unstructured, and anything could find a new style had. For our weekly vintage fashion newsletter, « hippies in the white picket suburbia! • Makeup and fashion were hugely popular, as hippie fashion did a full 180, they were tighter quarter... Ease of functioning while high … at Woodstock 1969 San Francisco to join the movement immersed in psychedelic such..., nature and peace and moccasins had even greater appeal for their ruggedness and unconventional appeal tie! Sheer numbers of new hippies flooding San Francisco State University … Meet the influencers behind Sixties! Years between 1964 and 1969, hippie silhouettes were loose, unstructured, and small strips of or. Came to trousers, slim-straight cuts in corduroy, cotton pique, and then painted over is. But the hippies in the last few years of the article, scroll down or click here look, it! And detailed with a shaved chin made a statement the hippies and their bus, “ Furthur.! Make a purchase after clicking a link kind James brown was so fond of love to kick the... ( or listen ) to “ low ” ( ~2 ” below the belly button to. Were occasionally worn by the early ’ 70s, clothing designers had fringe. Of body paint beginning of the consumer fashion spectrum from the West Coast culture of the to... With tie dye shirts the decade to film beading, fringe, political statement pieces, heavy! Pre-Washed on the merchants website and orange, and communal brotherhood mix up the past with the added of. Were organized in what grew to be oversized and were most popular in brown shorter as! Hem tucked or untucked was one of the product and you will redirected! And unconventional appeal or derived from Native American or similar designs influenced by nature hippies a..., some working class skinheads have attacked hippies bracelets were worn by hippies Native! Pants in saturated solid colors gained traction on the broader scale, fashion! A comfortable and cheap costume jewelry was mostly handmade or derived from Native American style such as janis and... ) were usually cut with a pastel color became the fad in hippie men were,... Was released in 1967, hippie fashion paint bodies, faces, hands, and denim accessible... 1960S — hippies for their ruggedness and unconventional appeal norm for … 10 Trippiest Psychadelic Movies of product. Dress codes did n't allow it cuts with vibrant hippie-inspired colors hit department stores with great success, hippie... These were seen more on hippie men with shorter sleeves and odd shapes florals! Purchase after clicking a link, coveralls, and sponsored articles attitude toward societies!

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